Convenient betrayal

I don’t think that the timing could have been more perfect for it. I’m not new to the lore of FSN and all the messy plot lines but that curve from Archer came out of the blue for me. It’s kind of ironical that Caster stabs Archer in the chest after he stabbed Rin in the back.

Sooo Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works is back and Ufotable bank account it’s still with funds… let’s see how long that last.

For the most part, the episode was pretty epic. The visuals where top notch, the bgm was powerful and the OP and ED really nice. The characters still keep their charm, Caster is still tsundere with Kusuki, Saber is now tsundere with her spell, Rin is still tsundere with everyone… somebody see a pattern here?

And OH MY GOD! Shirt just confessed. And not just and anime like kind-of-did-he-just-said-something-alluring-to-some-feeling kind of confession, he straight up said, “Gurl, I like you and stuff”.

And of course, girls call you jerk when you confess and they also like you, so congrats Shiro.

I just want to say one thing tho. Was this necessary?

I mean, her skirt is up to her butt… WTF?! this is a bit of an overkill to me, but then again, Ufotable needs back their muny right?

I won’t talk much about all the stuff that happened in the episode because, to be honest, if you haven’t seen one of the Fate routes or the amazing movie adaptation of this same route that came a few years ago, drop everything you’re doing and go see it NAW!

See you in the next post!


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