Prepare to have your soul destroyed!

No heart will be left unbroken, no soul will survive the crusade of Plastic Memories!

Ok let me sum up the plot for you in a few lines. The set up is an unclearly distant future where Androids named “Giftia“, which i suppose is latin or a play of words for Gift, are created with what is called a “Synthetic Soul” by a company called SAI Corporation. Here, our MC Mizugaki Tsukasa, a pretty bland but relatable character, has been employed in the Retrieval department for unclear reasons and is introduced to his new job, retrieving the Giftia’s that are about to “expire” their lifespan. And this is important because if a Giftia is active for more that what they described as 9 1/2 years their memories start degrading and go haywire.

I have been there buddy. just let it slide.

Let me say that I just love the set up. It’s nothing completely new, but it’s original enough to feel fresh. BUT, and this is a big but. The fact that such a perfectly looking and functional android that is pretty much indistinguishable to a human has such an incredibly remarkable flaw it’s astounding… boy am I running out of adjectives and superlatives here. And this is not bad, it makes the drama even more powerful, but I can’t curve my mind around the fact that this is just not practical. Why would I want what is essentially a life companion, or in the case of Nina, a family member that i will lose so soon?

I understand that in that fact, humans also have an “expiration date” of sorts, and one can argue that it’s a similar situation, but then you get what Isla is going trough right now. Is it really worth having these memories if you’re gonna lose them and yourself…? This is good! I’m having flashbacks of GITS S.A.C. right now.

I would also like to mention that the care they put in the animation was really remarkable. I believe I say jumps up to 24 frames per second of movement. It looks so fluid and nice.

I can’t wait for Plastic Memories next episode. My soul is not ready though.

PS: I loved Isla personality. I’m usually more inclined to the stoic characters, and I loved the balance she has between quiet and funny.


See you in the next post!


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