Stepping into the blacksmith of giants

Baby Steps is back baby. oh yeah! I can’t describe with words how happy it makes me that they kept the original OP song. I teared up a bit.

Let me start with a personal statement. I FREAKING LOVE Baby Steps 😀 Why? you may ask. Well, to me Baby Steps is what every sports anime should strive to be, and Eichiro Maruo should be the model for every MC. But… WHY…? Alright alright, let me give you a few good arguments.

Eichiro is a hard worker. And if you see his dedication you will feel that he deserves every victory he gets. I mean, dedication of that extent is not only a rarity but an extinct practice. And this is what has allowed him to grow so fast. It is just a delight to see someone progress that fast and feel that it is well deserved, because there’s no “mumbo jumbo” behind it. It inspires you to also work hard, because hard work pays of.

Realistic realism. I have to say that I do enjoy some over the top, ridiculous power up or secret technique or power that a MC could have under his sleeve in some anime, but for Baby Step it just would sit well. The detailed insight that Eichiro brings to the game is enriching and the tricks and techniques that are used are very grounded and plausible. That without loosing the ability to make you feel exited when they’re used.

It’s not about your pants this time. And this is a very strong point for me. I mean, I know Eichiro feels attracted to Natsu, but the story was never about that, hell that aspect of the story is just a minor brush in the gigantic masterpiece that Baby Steps is. But that doesn’t make it less important. Eichiro’s and Natsu’s relationship has always been quite charming to my eyes. Their clumsiness and innocence really make’s everything feel kind of refreshing. And they’re so dam cute. We will see how that relationship grows deeper in the final episodes of this season.

Know what you want. This is an important part of Baby Steps to me, everyone know’s what they want… well everyone but Takuma. And knowing what you want enables you to work as hard as you can to get it. You might feel that what Eichiro does is unrealistic, because who would work that hard? Well I have seen people with that dedication and passion, and its amazing what they can do. It’s not impossible, believe me, if you find what you really want to do, you will find the energy and drive to do everything you can do be that. Eric Thomas once said “The most important thing is this: to be able at any moment – to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become!“.

Sports is about being better that the opponent. And this is where I think Eichiro is a master. As Seiji stated, Eichiro just started playing tennis 2 years ago, and every match he’s had was a real battle where you really could’t tell how Eichiro could win. In most sports anime, and anime in general, the MC is shown so OP that the match looses grip from the audience (I’m looking at you Onisama) or the struggle doesn’t feel real. The victory for Eichiro comes from learning what he lacks and using what he has to win.

You against the world. Yes, this is an all out battle of you against the best of the world, and is frightening as hell. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Your friends and family are there, your colleagues are there, your teachers and trainers are there and all play an important part of your growth.

Wow that was a lot. but I guess it’s only natural with all this excitement I have. If you’re a manga reader like me, you know what’s in store for us. I just can’t wait!

So, why don’t you believe in yourself?

See you in the next post!


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