So much meta knowledge

Sometimes the most enlightening bits of information are disseminated in the frame of bigger and less focused content.

Compatibility. compatibility, compaaaaatibility… That word kind of sounds like a secret mechanism or something, and some people might just think it is!

If you’re a geek like me, and have dealt with computers, software and programming you might understand how important compatibility is. Without proper care, your programs might not work, you might brake something and all hell breaks loose. But in other aspects of life, compatibility might just be completely irrelevant at best and an indicative at worst.

That being said, I would like to introduce the reason of my post tonight.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken or in English “I can’t understand what my husband is saying” is a little show you should be watching every week. It comprises the everyday life and fun situations in a young couple’s marriage. Hajime, the husband, a self proclaimed “super otaku” and weirdly fun man that somehow manage to marry Kaoru, a serious and diligent girl. You might think that the pairing it’s a call for trouble but the show will prove you wrong and just make you feel embarrassed (and a little jealous!) of how cute they actually are with each other. Every episode is so full of little bits of life lessons and light brushes of joy blended with some great parody and spot on comedy. It’s just a mixture for fun. And the best part? every episode it’s just about 5 minutes long!

Now why did I opened the post talking about compatibility? Well, that’s the topic of tonight episode.

The episode opens with Kaoru, who’s worried that her husband and her are not what you might call compatible, and her search for a prove of the contrary just pushes the premise closer to the truth. Hajime, of course, is not helping to the case while is just goofing around and doing chores in the house. You know, being Hajime. Feeling a little down she leaves for some advise from her smartest peer. which is a great move actually. There she finds one of the most mind opener frames I’ve heard in anime. “When you are too happy you don’t feel happy anymore. That’s what it means to be a human” When I read those lines, my mind was like a deer in the highway petrified from the truck that its about to smash it, and it hit me alright. If you’re in a mildly new relationship, you might let something like the compatibility affect your view, although I don’t condone it. But when you’re married that just isn’t a good option.

At the end, we see Kaoru in the rain waiting for a street light to change, and there she finds her husband looking for her. They then head together home talking about the matter. Hajime then proceeds to tell her he once had those same thoughts and he just eventually stopped thinking about it when they starting doing “that”. Kaoru, confused ask what is “that” he refers to, and in the most amazingly casual way, Hajime does the very manly and Suave move of dropping the umbrella and kiss her in a very cute way. Episode ends, to be continued…

The number of shows that succeed to bring you such amazing insights in a common relationship while keeping a goofy and lighthearted feel with tons of D’awwwww moments are not even in the tens. Maybe just a few.

Probably my narration of the episode didn’t do much for you, but believe me, there is gold in every minute of this show.

In the end, relationships, marriage, young couples, all requires learning, and if you’re not in disposition to do that then your romantic future looks bleak my friend. But if you’re committed and ready to overlook the things that seem deal breakers just because a book or a friend said so, you might also find a weirdly lovable half.

I’m really enjoying posting great discoveries like this. If you like it, please share your passion for anime and write a comment.

See you in the next post!


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