Perfectly imperfect judge

So following last week episode, we find Souma in front of an elite school that only accepts 10% of the candidates each year and that it’s supposed to educate and harness the best of the best in the culinary world. Not much of a surprise here, many elite kids from famous chain restaurants and very exclusive places. I was actually curious if there was someone from McDonalds or Olive Garden, who knows. 

We do see a glimpse of how amazing Souma father really is, which is even more that I anticipated. He does the stereotypical “Hey son, I’m amazing so you should try to catch up to me, whacha gonna do?!” and we get some hilarious scenes from the diners.

We then proceed to a crazy test held by “God tongue”, everyone bolts except for Souma and after some mockery and talk he takes the test, makes a surprisingly nice plate with rice and eggs and is rejected because “God tongue” is just too proud to admit defeat.

Let’s talk about the best of this episode, Souma. Usually in a setup like this the main character tends to be portrayed as stoic and mysterious, or extremely goofy and misplaced. Yet, we se Souma just crack thru every trope shown in this crazy school and make people turn. I know these tropes have been done countless times, but there was something definitively fun about Souma not giving a shit about status and knowing who he is without actually knowing “who he is”.

I personally didn’t enjoy the “God tongue” personality. Erina… I forgot her last name. See! she just didn’t click with me. The rich girl that was pampered since birth and so special that literally talked when she was being breast fed. That’s some crazy stuff there, but it fit’s the series. What I did like was her flirting with her girl friend. I found her forwardness interesting. It’s nice when not all the “doll girls” are not available for the MC to just pluck from the garden.

So, is this the end…? Well, of course not! We see how the supposed director get’s a taste of the dish and immediately confirms his suspicions. The future is promising, even if Souma thinks different right now.

See you in the next post!


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