Dropping bombs, dropping bombs everywhere!

And here we have another episode of Melting Memories… errr Plastic Memories.

This second episode brought more insight about the working life in the SAI Corporation’s Terminal Department. We see how Isla is struggling to get back into the field, and Tsukasa getting used to his first job. I know he got his job thanks to his father connection, but that’s not a reason to disqualify someone dammit!… ah sorry, had some flashbacks there.

Why would they use a transparent screen goes beyond me. I mean, I already have focus problems on a normal screen.

Tsukasa’s effort to build up a nice partner relationship with Isla felt genuine, and Michiru having a good intuition does what she can to help.

To me, Kazuki character seems a little off. The fact that a character is keeping some information to herself for plot purposes its not new in the anime world. But this is supposed to be a work environment. You’re ought to be a little more forward with this. I mean, people could end badly hurt.

I did like their internal philosophy of giving closure to their clients when they go for a retrieval. Certainty it is not a smooth process for anyone when you go to take away one loved one, and showing that you care doing a bit more truly makes a difference.

We also get some more insight about the Giftia. Apparently they can learn and feel like humans (And even eat. Why would I design a android that needs to eat?) and they can’t forget, unlike humans. This is important because a Giftia can’t really loose capacities, and if this is the case, then either Isla is a special case, or there is something wrong with her.

Usually I wouldn’t mind much about the common trope of the older, much more experienced and carefree coworker that is used to move the plot in the key moments. But this special case felt a little off. I mean, he was there to add some comedic relief and some insight… and nothing more. It felt like a miss opportunity.

At the end, we get the bomb of the episode. Isla only has 2,000 hours left before she has to be “retrieved”. PUM PUM PUUUUUUUM… sorry, bad habit. But this was actually something that certainly didn’t come out of the blue for me. We will see how this pair handles their relationship in those roughly two and a half months.

See you in the next post!


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