Positive habits

Woah! that was an amazingly inspiring episode.

Most of us have that encounter with a wall at some point in our life. It can be in our studies, in our favourite sport, in love, in work, anything that requires our dedication and hard work. We tend to keep this battle inside. We struggle alone because we think that the reason to our failure its an essential flaw in what we where confident before. Having that internal battle it’s discouraging. Having that internal battle alone it’s completely destructive. Just as the coach said, you enter a vicious cycle of struggle, anger, self contempt, more struggle, rinse and repeat. This cycle is debilitating and it crushes your growth, but you can get out of it with the correct support and positive mindset. As stated by Mike, the routine helps you state a mindset.

The hard practice and long hours of repetitive training help you develop not only strength but an habit. That habit is the result of your brain literally storing a snapshot of your body state in memory for latter user. This is something we have seen in a previous game mare had against Miyagawa. It helps you to visualise how you felt when you where wining, breathe and just believe.

Being in such an exclusive training facility, with the best talents and most promising players of your generation and not being able to stand in the starting line its frustrating. And this is visible in Eichiro struggle. He just can’t win, and as time goes on, he is feeling the pressure of being left behind. He has to win, once at least, to be able to feel progress.

This episode confirmed the subtle details that make Eichiro an amazingly inspiring lead. In tennis, dedicating to a good physical level is mandatory; dedicating to exceptional control however, it’s another story. Control is hard, like incredibly hard. Believe me, I know. When you try to grasp the subtle changes in the feel of the racket that help you physically internalise the different shots. It’s ridiculous, but the rewards are so well worth it.

Eichiro knows what are his strengths and weakness. He knows how to grow and improve, he just needs good guidance and the tools that create great talent. Having these great talents play against him it’s an amazing opportunity that Ike handed to him. Maybe unknowingly, he gave the tools Eichiro needed.

I personally loved Eichiro attitude throughout the whole process. Not loosing your head, not getting desperate and not giving up. That is an amazing trait in itself, and it can get you anywhere.

At the end, most of us just need that final push, those words of encouragement, like a subtle light that suddenly invades every corner of our insecurities and allow us to see the whole picture. Suddenly the answer is there, it has always been there.

And just like Alex said, and I never get tired of saying it, “Believe in yourself”. It truly helps when you see someone else struggling with the same walls that we are but with a different perspective and mindset.

I hope you’re enjoying these posts. If you want to add something, please leave a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Positive habits

  1. “Baby Steps” is now officially included in my favourite sports anime titles. It’s a great anime because it starts off with a “weak” protagonist that improves gradually due to hard work and constant practice. It’s a great life lesson to learn, not only by athletes but by everyone.

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    • Your words speak the truth.

      Many times, we see the immense path that the giants of our times have walked and the fear get’s the best of us. Humans don’t normally see growth as a progression of simple changes and little accomplishments. We just see the final results and stand awe, puzzled.

      As the title states. Baby Steps toward greatness. And Eichiro is the embodiment of such Moto. It’s inspiring, undeniable, an invisible force that pushes everyone that is around. Like a powerful fuel that spreads and burst’s everyone’s passion for the sport they love.

      Wow, I went a little poetic there.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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      • You’re welcome.

        Indeed, “Baby Steps”, as its title suggests, encourages taking one step at a time towards greatness. Although it’s not my favourite sports anime, I think that it’s more “realistic” (whatever that means in the anime world) compared to other sports anime where the protagonists are geniuses.

        Anyway, good post. Keep on blogging. Cheers!


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