I’m the Dark Knight!

Aaaaaand we are back with another episode of Ore Monogatari. It’s more clear in this episode that the story will be told from Takeo inner perspective. As we can hear his thoughts but not the ones of the other characters. This is actually a perfect POV as we get an exclusive insight of how his mind work and how he sees the world.

Quite an interesting way to see the world indeed.

I found quite entertaining the conversation between Takeo and Sunakawa about what kind of girl they like. Obviously, Takeo is as easy to read as a billboard in TimeSquare with a font size 2,000. But Sunakawa is completely oblivious about what he likes. He surely likes girls, he states, but he just doesn’t bother thinking what he likes about a girl because it’s “tiresome”. “You like any girl who smiles at you and that you feel a slight chance of establishing a relationship with” Sunakawa says to Takeo. This is definitely an accurate view of the Takeo Sunakawa knows, and the one we have seen so far. But this is just a vague analysis of a deeper pathology that has been built over social prejudice.

I wasn’t expecting the big girder that suddenly fell from out of nowhere and almost crushed the poor little Rinko. And to be able to jump towards danger just by instinct like these two did. It’s amazing. Even more remarkable was the confidence Sunakawa has on Takeo’s strength and determination, as he just went directly for Rinko and took her out of the danger knowing his friend could lift that thing.

You are the Dark Knight Takeo! not in a good way tho

If it wasn’t obvious enough for you. Rinko asks Takeo to “Just be the two of us next time”. Yes she is interested in Takeo, and I’m like 73% sure that in a romantic way. It is still too early for conclusions, but the signs appear loud and clear, at least for us.

Rinko it’s actually much more assertive that I initially expected. She doesn’t hesitate to get closer and move the interaction forward. And you could argue that her struggle is just not being shown or that she is just like that because it’s her first time feeling like that and the innocence and ingenuity plays a part in the equation, but for what we are used to see in anime, this is progression that moves at lightspeed.

It is a little sad that Takeo it’s still blindingly believing that Sunakawa’s the main character of the story and he’s the Supporting bro, but I think he needs this experience.

I really don’t like when the intention of self sacrifice for the greater good or the good of others goes overboard. I mean, it’s good that you have a good sense of your role and the potential for greater good that it’s in your hands. But sacrificing yourself for others will eventually, and inevitably lead you to some sort of regret. Even if you believe that it is what will make you happy and it might do at the moment, but the regret will catch up to you. Believe me, I’m telling you from experience. I know it looks great on paper, I mean, the greatest stories have had some selfless sacrifice in some way or fashion. But the human mentality is always tied to the past and possibilities. I could write a whole post about that.

So, maybe next episode we might see more of Rinko assertiveness. I just hope Takeo’s mirage breaks soon so he can see the situation clearly. It will be hard, there’s no doubt about that, and people might get hurt, but life is a harsh teacher.

See you in the next post!


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