Where do we go from here?

Im gonna die… I’m seriously gonna die man… soon much cuteness its not good for your health!

Picking from where we left last episode we see Takeo going to the park to meet Rinko in a very casual attire -That’s as casual as you can get right there-. They meet and boy is Rinko going for the money -She’s looking as cute as a wedding cake, and she bakes! that’s all I’m looking for!-. Everything is going very smooth until the conversation is crashed into a Sunakawa wall, all because of Takeo innocent intentions to show him as a good prospect in Rinko’s eyes. Rinko can’t help but cry and leaves clearly heartbroken because the person she’s so in love with is trying to turn her down in an indirect way. That’s how she see’s it at least, and any sentient human being wouldn’t blame her. Takeo is left speechless because he just can’t understand what he did wrong.

This part was actually not as hard to see as I thought it would be, but it still hurt to see Rinko’s sweet intentions being turned down in such an awkward way. Luckily this complexly simple conundrum didn’t last long as Rinko goes to Suna’s house -I mean, how forward and cute this girl can be? I’m in love!- and tries to talk to him because she feels sorry for crying and bailing on Takeo. He ask her to express what she really feels aaaaaand surprise surprise, Takeo is under the bed hearing everything. How he fit there it’s a mystery for another show though. They both confess and love is spread all over the room… Don’t take that out of context!

If there’s one word to describe the second half of this episode it would certainly be bliss.

I have to applaud Suna for raising the ante on the “Who’s the Bro?” game quite a bit here. I was really surprised, and actually a little scared when I started realising that he was unfolding all the mystery of the situation in front of Takeo. It certainly was a first for me in anime.

Usually, characters tend to be very reserved and avoid everything that would be pretty standard in a normal human interaction because the author needs to prolong the plot. I personally believe that dragging a story is just a sign of bad writing because it means that you couldn’t drive the narrative properly to create the events and situations that keep your characters from going ahead of your writing and, in consequence end up in a point where you can’t keep the expected length of the story without pulling them out of character. Stories are in some way alive, and they can drive themselves as the characters react to every situation in their own unique way. Sometimes the outcome it’s inevitable.

That being said, where do we go from here? Probably I wasn’t the only one who felt like this was material for the final episode. Surely there’s allot more to see from this diabetes inducing new couple, and I can’t wait to see what will happen when new characters are introduced to the mix. I am though a little worried that the formula will change quite a bit from now on. I mean, Takeo’s perspective will change now, maybe not completely but quite a bit no doubt. I just feel that maybe they could have played with the fun and confusion a bit more.

I also want to remark how they returned to the “Red Ogre” story and how Suna gives his thoughts about it. It is really sweet that he see’s the world in such a simplistic yet blatantly honest way. “You don’t want to be with someone who’s talking behind your friends back”, “You want your friend to be happy, that’s just normal”.

Takeo is now probably in danger of loosing that great physique with all the cake and love he will be stuffed with. I hope he can keep up because there’s allot of fun stuff that could come up ahead! -No sad moments, pretty please-.

See you in the next post!


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