Against what you trust [Plastic Memories E:4]

With this episode we are back to the Giftia retrieval stories, and I’m glad we get back to work as the character development in the previous episodes were a bit lackluster.

Today’s case is a child named Souta who’s been in the care of a Giftia that belonged to the family. Apparently both parents died and they ended up alone. With the expiration time of Marcia, who’s apparently taking the fact of leaving Souta behind very well for some reason, Tsukasa and Isla will have to change the approach this time.

Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with reality, and for young kids it’s even harder to accept the facts of life. People who are in these crossroads tend to hide in negation and turn against everything they once trusted. I did appreciated the approach that the characters used to deal with the issue. Recurring to force or trying to reason might not be the best solutions in this case. Reminding little Souta that he was loved and that he will always be its a more human approach.

This special case was very delicate, and it made me realise that all the staff in the Terminal Service should be specially trained psychologist and social behaviour professionals. Each of them should be specialised in different areas of the human field and should be assigned accordingly. Dealing with an orphan child is not a trivial work to leave a seemingly untrained employee to deal with.

We also get some really nice insights into Michiru’s past and motivations. I felt really moved by her story. I’m always weak with “lost parents” stories. The fact that her foster parent was what they call a “Wanderer” was… I don’t know why but to me really fits her character background. She seems very down to the earth and even with her Tsundere personality, she’s the more relatable of the buch; Tsukasa… Tsukasa sucks man.

In other news, apparently the department chief have some problems with the organisation heads regarding spend cuts. It is sad to see how in a supposed future where sentient androids with emotions are already a consumer product of the masses, bureaucracy and shady management practices are still the norm. When is the human being gonna learn that short term profits harm your company future? Maybe greed it’s a human flaw that can’t be dealt with just education.

That being said, It was no surprise for me to find out that there are some folks out there impersonating the Terminal Service to take the Giftia. And boy that old man in the end has “shady trickster” written in his DNA. You can spot his disgusting intentions from 10 miles away.

Anyway. I hope we continue with stories like this in the next episodes.

See you in the next post!


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