The newbie [Shokugeki no Souma E:4]

And we are back with another episode of CSI no Souma… puns :p

The resemblance between the cooking scenes and the lab scenes in CSI. Cut, cut, flares, cut, move the camera, flares, fire, cut, flares, more flares. SHEESH!

Following the events of the previous episode we encounter Souma
trying to find the dorm he was assigned to in what apears to be a vast forest inside the “school”. Seriously how big can this school be? It’s like it’s own state, with their own zip code and all. He finally makes it to the haunted looking, smoky and dark complex that seem from the past century and finds himself with another challenge to beat in order to get a room… Because everything needs to be a contest.

Deux plot machina!

The superiority of Souma its getting a little old for me. I was actually expecting the old lady to actually not to give to the “Pornification” for the meal, it was made with scraps after all. Oh god am I getting a little nitpicky here? If so, like comment and subscribe 😀

I was actually scared when it’s started as I thought that it will not be very pleasing to see, but it was done well. Souma’s face when she was trying to kiss him was hilarious.

We then finally get to see Souma’s new roommates and friends. It was actually nice to see how different and peculiar their personalities are. Souma will fit in just fine.

I have high expectations for the other students. I can see that they specialise in different cooking styles and ingredients. I really hope the spotlight can shine on someone else soon – at this rate Souma it’s gonna get sunburn from light exposition-.

That revelation at the end was quite surprising. Although I was expecting one of them to be one of the elite ten I didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon. The revelation was handled quite well, right at the end, leaving us with as much hunger for the next episode as to eat the amazing dishes that where shown in the episode.

NO! Nnnno! NNNNOnonono NNNO!

Finally, the system of the 10 elite students seem far to plot convenient for me. Obviously this kind of structure would be a chaotic mess in a real setup but it certainly would bring many interesting situations and clashes.

I can’t wait for next episode. Hopefully Souma will not come out victorious and with flying colors this time.


See you in the next post!


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