Lack of self preservation [Ore Monogatari E:4]

Spring! Spring is great isn’t it? oh the memories, the sweet memories of humid heat, a dark small room, no girlfriend, and homework… tons and tons of homework… Those were the times.

I am really impressed that even though Takeo is still just Torett… err Takeo, he produces such a different light now. Maybe it’s not that its a different light, but that the true light of his character can be perceived in this beautiful background that life and love has displayed around him. He’s so composed. I would expect a boy in his youth to be freaking out from happiness and excitement when placed in a similar situation, but he’s so settled; which contrast with what he thinks.

So this episode reminds us why we love Toretto… Dammit I mean Takeo, and takes it to a whole new level. We find the trio enjoying the beautiful weather, the flowers and the Japanese sweets that the lovely future baker Rinko just made. -I’m in love-. Afterwards Rinko’s friends call her and ask to arrange a “single’s group date”.

Who’s single?… Me.

It was obvious that the elephant in the room would be Takeo, since a sweet giant like him it’s not the first concept that your mind assembles when you try to picture a boyfriend for tiny sweetheart Rinko. -there’s allot of sweet in this show right?- I was actually kind of surprised that Rinko didn’t just showed the selfie to her friends before. I mean, that’s normal with girls, right?


Rinko doesn’t just feels love for Takeo, she feels a profound admiration. This is shown in her desperate attempts to show her friends how cool her boyfriend is, and her distress after hearing what they where saying in her back. Takeo in the other hand is more concerned about how she feels, and that says allot about his character in a good and a bad way. It is great that he puts her feelings before his, and words are just that, coming from friends that probably didn’t wanted to hurt him. But remember, you have the right to be angry if someone is not being nice with you. What you do afterwards its what makes you either a decent person or a monster.

This one cracked me up. It’s sooo cute.

After a sweet moment where Takeo chases after Rinko and talks to her, Rinko feel more determined to show the girls just how awesome her boyfriend is… And suddenly a fire starts in the restaurant, creating the perfect opportunity for Takeo to be awesome in front of everyone. This seemed a bit to Dex Ex Machina to me, but we have just 1 cour so I’ll let it slide this time.

I am though a little concerned about Takeo’s lack of sense of self preservation. At some point during the fire scene I was wishing for Rin to appear in front of him and slap him right in the face. Making someone happy, good; wanting to save someone, great; literally letting go of life because you feel fulfilled with your actions and current events, I would kick your freaking ass mister. And that’s exactly what Rinko and Sunakawa should have done when he Vin Diesel’d out of the burning building. Think about the feelings of your friends, Takeo no baka!

 I live my life one quarter cupcake at a time.

Even though I am really happy with the development that Takeo has shown so far, and the maturity that he embodies -which is an interesting reflection of his imponent physique- his flawed character may end up hurting the ones he tries to protect. He is ridiculously strong, but he is not immortal.

Now if only Marvel where looking for a new Avenger intern.

See you in the next post!


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