Fresh and innocent romance [Ore Monogatari E:5, 6, 7]

OreMonogatari never fails to deliver the bliss and romantic atmosphere of a fresh and innocent teen romance.

Ah the first time apart. It is a difficult and confusing moment in a first relationship. I have to say, I am really impressed with how Takeo is handling everything in the relationship so far. I mean, usually the writer makes the characters experience misunderstandings and make mistakes for the sake of creating drama and extending the suspense, and sometimes this makes characters inconsistent. But Kawahara sensei has no such flaw. Being a master in character development is not easy, but sensei has the art.

Everyday training
This is how I train every day. True story.

Takeo truly represents the gentlemen that do not exist anymore. When the two Judo students showed up in front of him and bowed he didn’t hesitate to agree to their petition, even before hearing it. This is certainly a very bad move, but as Takeo stated “A man just bowed in front of me, how could I refuse.” principles like that are rare if not extinct in most cultures.

Bad move brah.

I never get tired of Takeo unique face expressions. And this last week we got a few expressions from Rinko that really charmed me. She’s so cute. You just want to put her in your pocket 😀


Sunakawa keeps being a bro above all bro. It was really nice to discover that Takeo was his first friend. I would feel the same. Takeo truly never bores.

Ryu is that you? Dam!

I’m glad that Takeo didn’t have that victory granted easily. He really put allot of effort into preparing for the tournament. It just would have been kind of bland if he just cleans the floor with a random dude who can’t even lift half his weight.

Finally, I am aware that some people consider the story portraying a somewhat negative image of women. Granted, many of the women shown so far have not been the best example of tolerance or even delicacy, and it would be more fair to show that side on some men too. I personally believe that the author intention is to portray the best of the main characters in the first few episodes. It is known that the light shines brighter surrounded by darkness. I would give it the benefit of the doubt.

I am enjoying this relationship as much as Takeo. Its just so much fun to see them. You just don’t want anything bad to happen. Maybe there wasn’t much progression in this episode but I think episodes like this are a good breather every now and then.

My friends in the starsRight!

See you in the next post!


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