Depresive passion

Hello dear reader. Today I wanted to write about something a little different.

I have been surfing the webs lately, looking for who knows what to give me some inspiration and drive as it has been a little hard to just turn on the engine and pop up clever words and interesting points to write about. In my fruitless adventure I stumble upon the following line in a forum and I wanted to dedicate a few lines about it.

“It is SO depressing to be passionate about something and be bad at it.” – SomePerson

Ok SomePerson listen. Not being good at something sucks, not being good at what you’re passionate about is not only aggravating, it is indeed down right depressing. But it should not stop you from doing it.

Any way you see it, not being good at what you’re passionate about goes down to one simple fact, you just haven’t dedicated enough time to it. If what you like is playing games, and let’s say you’re bad at it, that doesn’t stop you from playing the game, you keep playing because you enjoy it, you’re having a good time. Eventually you get good at it. So, if you’re passionate about something, if you’re really passionate about something, fear not, you will be good at it in no time.

I love writing, and I love Japanese culture and their expression of art, comedy and animation. Does that mean that I’m a good writer or a good anime blogger? No, not at all. In fact I’m a pretty lousy writer. And I’m not recurring to self deprecation to empathize my point. My knowledge of the English grammar is average, my vocabulary is lacking and my general cultural knowledge is very poor. So I’m pretty confident when I state the point that I still have a long way to go. That doesn’t discourage me at all. -well, maybe not that much. And I recognize that for someone who’s not a native English speaker it’s more of a challenge but I don’t shield my mistakes on that.

I’m sorry if the post shifted a bit into talking about myself. It’s a little hard to avoid it when you’re basing your arguments on personal experience. But I hope the idea helps a wandering soul in its search for answers.

See you in the next post!


4 thoughts on “Depresive passion

  1. You make an excellent point. Being bad at something you love is but something to grieve about. Because if you’re really passionate about something and you do it all the time, you’re going to be good at it with time. Good post. Keep it up. Cheers!

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    • Thanks. I wanted to write about that a while ago but I was still having troubles finding the right words. I do believe that people need to have clear the difference of what is a passion and what is just something you like.

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      • Indeed. Sometimes doing something you just like is not enough to fuel your motivation in the long run. But I also think that sometimes “something you like” can also turn into passion.

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  2. Now if I can only “like” this post so other readers of my blog can see this.

    I think this is a universal theme in the lives of people. You’ve said it enough on your blog and I agree with your points.

    Good luck!


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