To show you my love… [Ore Monogatari E:8]

Demonstrations of affection are a dying practice in today’s relationships. Friendship or love, none seem to retain that dated aspect of love; carefully planing something special for someone special -when will we learn…

This episode we get a little more insight into Takeo’s and Sunakawa’s legendary friendship. We also find out our main cast birthday dates, and it turns out that Rinko’s birthday is right around the corner. This creates the perfect opportunity for Takeo to bring the big guns and show off his affection for her. Rinko, being the nicest girlfriend in the planet, does not want a big present or cause any trouble; She just want HER MAN! to spend a day with her -I got chills, I swear. So most of the episode deals with Takeo being an awesome boyfriend and caring friend for his 2 special people. That of course means, planning an awesometastic (oh god, I now have resorted to create adjectives) day for Rinko with the help from the strangely distant Sunakawa.


It seems that Takeo and Rinko have reached a new level in their relationship without even noticing. Takeo’s funny expressions are completely synched with Rinko’s cute ones. It is so charming to see the interactions between these too, and I never get tired of it.

me too brah
Me too bro, me too.

Sunakawa is never really behind though. That’s what ten years of friendship does for you. And ever more, ten years of exclusive friendship from Sunakawa’s side -That has to create some deep bromance.

thanks bro

Talking about bromance (mind my brilliant segue!) Takeo just got a part time job at what I could only describe as a family/gay bar -I didn’t even know those existed. And for nobody’s surprise, he’s awesome at it.

bro bar

Your girlfriend’s birthday is a big deal, and that first present is important. Seeing Takeo give his all (as usual) was both hilarious and charming.

are you

However, the core issue this episode was Sunakawa’s distant behaviour. Takeo is concerned about this (he proves to be very perceptive even with guys) and tries to find an opening, to understand the problem and help. I have to say, Takeo must have non Japanese blood, because that just not how a Japanese man usually behaves. I know it seems like I’m comparing him to a stereotype, but that’s just what we have been show from every other show.


Now, Let me put something very clear. I love Japanese culture. I have studied Japanese culture closely since I was a teen and my fascination with it grows every day. I do know that every culture has its flaws, and Japan is not the exception. But I have learned to love the good and accept the bad. That being said, I really can’t digest Sunakawa resilience to keep his friend away. I mean, I respect the fact that he does not want to cause problems for Takeo in his special day, but Takeo needs you as much as you need him dude. Your pain is his, you know this.

our pain

Maybe to me, this is something that doesn’t even need discussion because is so engraved in my principles and personal culture. But this aspect of Japanese culture deeply concerns me. I will go in detail in another post.

Next episode we get to see the adorable Rinko in her special day, and hopefully Takeo will do the right thing and show up for his friend.

so cute
I might die though. She’s just too cute.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next post!


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