The trigger jammed in time

Hello fellow anime enthusiast.

Today I want to talk to you about something different – I feel kind of moved recently. I want to have the pleasure to talk a little bit about one of the best games ever made, Chrono Trigger. If you have played it, you almost surely share my opinion, and if you haven’t then you might be probably too young or have lived below a rock for the last 25 years.

First off, yes I am also a gamer – not a hardcore one tho, but anyway, I don’t like to put labels to people’s passion’s. Nowadays gamer/anime fan/nerd usually comes in a package but back in the day, we didn’t have this cool thing we give for granted every day called Internet. Anyway, back to the topic.

Chrono Trigger is a RPG for the SNES that came out in march of 1995 from the amazing talents of Square – back when it was cool and made good games. The character designs where made by no other than Akira Toriyama, and if the name is kind of familiar to you that is because he is the author of Dragon Ball – back when it was cool and made good stories… Shit! whats happening to good creators these days? gosh!

As an RPG, the game follows a formula that was already pretty stablished. Battle menus, turn based battles, levelling up, strong plot, fantasy; and then innovated with the multiple endings, specials attack chain, detached party, amazing graphics and many other little details that created the mold that is used today to create generic RPG’s.

However, I don’t want to talk any more details about the game itself because I personally don’t think I can do it justice. I strongly encourage you to play it if you can or revisit it if you like. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t played it because I will talk about some important plot points that might spoil you the game.

I’m serious man… just go play the game…



We are clear? good.

Ok now… Lucca. Lucca oh Lucca… 😥


As you might have guessed, she is my favourite character in the Chrono universe. Being the “childhood friend”, a nerdy girl, and part of a trio of friends she is the perfect subject to be cast into the abysm of mediocre “side-ism” – yeah I made that word. Yet she is strong, independent and have a huge and well developed background with a very warm story of family bonds and regret. She is a character fully fledged and shines as bright as all the others who, don’t get me wrong, are freaking stars by themselves. Together they make one of the most engaging and competing stories in gaming and just storytelling as a whole. Which kind of makes me wonder why the heck hasn’t SquareShitnix made a freaking anime based on the story! Fuck, even a movie guys! I would go 100 times to watch it and support it!… Well, I think they are too busy now with Final Fantasy VII part 1,2 and 3 now that they discovered that they can make money by listening to their fans. But anyway, I digress.

Now, why am I bringing Lucca to this post in specific? Well, personally, I still don’t get over the events of Chrono Cross.

Developing a character is hard, really hard. Developing a really good character like Lucca takes hard to another level. So, when they are disposed as mere plot devices for the sake of making the new game have some sort of motive and a sense of animosity against the “bad guy” to me seems like poor writing. You might argue that it added some sense of mortality to the characters and that it was a bold move to make returning players yearn for their lost friends and engage further in the story, but that can be achieved without recurring to death or assassination. Death is not a device to force a specific emotion, death is the most complex event in our lives. It’s unescapable.A reality that many people take in many different ways.

We are talking about an amazing person, who not only helped save the world from a freaking alien parasite that eats planets; she singlehandedly  devised a machine that can control an anomaly to travel trough time. She is the main force that allows the plot to move and bridges the events that connect the heroes and help save history; every history. This is why I see her as the real main character of the story. Even though Chrono is an great lead and his name is in the title of the game and Marie is also amazing and unique. She lacks a little depth but she is very lovable and independent. Chrono is just following the path that lays in front of him being the proxy of the player. Heck, he dies in the middle of the game and saving him is completely optional – you can imagine who I put as the lead of the team afterwards. It just grinds my gears every time I remember how they just got killed.

Chrono Cross has many things that make it unique and awesome. I will admit that I have many good memories of playing it in my room for ours completely charmed by the simplistic yet deep combat system, the intensity of the character cast, and the sheer tropical feel that it has all over. I love so many things about the game and I still enjoy playing it. But that love is stained with lingering feelings of lost and anger that makes me want to get a forgetting machine and erase the memories of the game – I may have to invent the dam machine first, or use a baseball bat.

I think that one of the things that my heart always wanted regarding this game was a closure. When I completed Chrono Trigger for the first time I was amazed and so hungry for more. I wanted to continue the adventures and see my friends again. What I got felt like a betrayal, like a stab to the back. Surely I am overexagerating, but I can at least hope that the creators at least talk about the game again some day, and give me some sort of closure.

There are many stories without closure, both in anime and gaming. And I know I’m not the only one that wants closure in some of them. This is not strange. As humans, we are wired to strive for completeness and closure. It’s part of the nature in us that allowed us to survive back in the jungle. It’s the reason why fan fiction is so popular and extends to so many genres and areas. We want to know what happens after the “The end”.

I am sorry if the post was a little too vague and when all over the place. I just wanted to write about one of the best role models I have. If anything, there should be more Lucca’s in anime and games.

Its always a pleasure to share a few minutes of my day writing these few words to you. And I hope its just as much of a pleasure to you to read this post.

Lastly. I am thinking of taking the challenge of writing a post every day about a specific topic for 12 days this Christmas. I’m still not sure that life will let me, but I will do the best I can to write when I can. I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post.


2 thoughts on “The trigger jammed in time

  1. Have you played Radical Dreamers? It still features the same plot device of Lucca dying, but I felt that the story was told in a much more straightforward and honest way, so it got to me more than Chrono Cross did. Seriously, it’s hard to feel the tragedy when the plot is so obtuse. Radical Dreamers is basically a visual novel, but I liked the way it told the story. Lucca’s a great character, and I felt her presence more when she’s dead (if that makes sense).

    Btw, you didn’t mention one of the things that makes Lucca such a great character in Trigger. The part where she goes back in time to her mother’s accident really drives home all the personal loss she’s experienced for the sake of her science. I always choose to save Lara’s legs in that event, but if you choose not to, it’s really gut-wrenching. Imagine going back in time and being in a position to save your mother’s legs but failing to, in the end. And no matter which choice you make, Lucca puts on a brave and cheerful face afterwards. I really admire that about her.

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    • I haven’t played it actually. I was aware of its existence and read in length about it but its just such an obscure “game” and hard to find that I guess I gave up. I really was turned down by the outcome too so that made it harder.

      I do get what you say about feeling her presence more when she’s gone. That means that you value her presence a lot. You’re just taking her for granted because she is surrounded by such an amazing group.

      OMG you are right! I completely blacked out that part! I was so focused on ranting about Chrono Cross that I forgot about that event, which is one of the monumental events that make Chrono Trigger such an amazing story and deepens the actual impact we feel about the effects of time travel. Changing a dessert into a forest by leaving one of our friends behind to work for hundreds of years; Creating a super powerful artefact by charging it for thousands of years; Changing the outcome of a war; Saving a friends life. There are so many instances of powerful events created by the effects of time and relativity…

      I have to go play the game again.


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