Substantial development

Have you played any RPG’s?

Have you played any Final Fantasy games?

Have you played any good Final Fantasy games?

Have you played any good Final Fantasy games that actually have good characters?

From this point on, I have probably discriminated almost all games but 2 or 3 in the franchise. And as unbelievable as it might seem now. There was a time where this kind of expectation was the norm.

Now, what is the topic today? You might ask. Well, I will like to continue my trend of post with strong characters in games that evoked a response or caused some impact in an specific time in my life. I know that sounds awfully specific for a theme, but believe me, there is a point.

I want to talk about the first Final Fantasy game I actually played and completed, Final Fantasy IX. – “WHOOOOOAAAAA!!!? Fainal Fantasi NAIN!? Dude, that game is not even in the orbits of officially acclaimed Final Fantasy games! I mean, come on!” shut your mouth! just!… shut it! Just because it doesnt have Cloud and Sephiroth doesn’t mean that is a bad game. That only shows your short sight you meanie! FF IX dared to go back to the basics and had a bigger focus on fantasy and amazing art. The characters where all great. It has freaking Vivi brah! And a castle with a giant Sword in the middle! and Wings!! AND VIVI!!!

I know maybe FF IX was one of those FF that maybe escaped your radar but believe me, its really good. I mean, Nobu Uematsu said himself that it was his favourite.

But, just like yesterday, I’m going to leave the details of the game to your imagination. I want to talk about an specific character. Gartnet. Or more specifically “Garnet Til Alexandros XVII” – what a fucking rad name. She might give the impression to be the generic kitty in distress, but make no mistake, this one has a fang.


I personally love everything about her story. She is a princess from the kingdom of Alexandria and heir of the throne. Yet she is also an orphan from a tribe of summoners that have amazing powers. Raised by the king and queen of Alexandria after being found on the shore with the body of her mother, she grew to be lady of royalty. However, she has her own desires and a righteous heart that seeks for light and peace. She is, the catalyst of the story.

The main reason why she makes a great impact is the development we see her go trough during the whole story. At the beginning she seems just like a spoiled lady trying to get out of home and make her mother mad. But eventually we discover that the queen, drunk with power and loneliness has changed and keeps her as a possession, a mere tool. She is aided by Zidane, our MC and by mere accident, Vivi a lovely black mage and Steiner a knight and her protector. Down the road things start getting murkier with the actions of the Queen, declaring war against the other kingdoms and using her new founded Eidolons (Summons) to cause havoc in the world.

Garnet, or Dagger as she prefers to be referred to protect her identity while she travels with the unlikely crew, is torn apart by the inexplicable actions of her beloved “mother” and tries her best to try and make her see some reason. Event after learning her true past and that she was merely a weapon for her she keeps trying to save her mother. And even to the end of the Queen’s life when she charges against her she cries her death and stays with her.

We as players get the amazing opportunity to learn so many amazing things about this world. The villain is fantastic and very unique. The world setting is very creative and full of fantasy elements. The story is great and has a great balance or very heartwarming moments and some heart wrenching bits. The MC is top notch and very likeable. I always found him very cool and inspiring.

Later in the game we learn the real nature of the world that we are playing at and the connections that the main characters have with it and the main villain. I won’t go into details to let you experience it.

But I have to say. The love story between Garnet… sorry I’m going to refer to her as Sarah from now on. That’s her real name btw. The love story that develops during the events of the game is amazing and truly engaging. I was completely hooked up when the love was starting to show up. I was head over heals in love with the development that took place.

This is a love story that you really see develop, from nothing to a love that literally changed a world. You might get a little turned off at the beginning because Zidane seems to be a playboy kid on the loose, trying to get her attention at any opportunity. But he has many other sides. He is an amazing person that is always there for his friends, is strong and can change things, no mater how difficult they might seem. The most important part is being always there. Because he is who he is. And OMG when he came back for her when the kingdom of Alexandria was being attacked. That was one of the dos exhilarating moments in my gaming life. It is an amazing moment and you just need to live it yourself. At that moment you will know. He is awesome.

There is not much more I can say without spoiling too much. There is so much I can do with my little writing experience. But I hope you enjoyed the post.

Tomorrow I will do my best to continue the trend and post about another great character in a game that made an impact.

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post.



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