Who needs omnipotence?

If there is something that must be clear by now is that I like strong characters. And I’m not talking about physically strong, far from that. What I mean is a strong Will and Heart. Sure, its truly remarkable when the body and the intangible self are in sync, but they don’t share the same value anymore; We are not in the jungle hunting for our pray to survive since a few thousand years ago.

Portraying this kind of character is no easy feat, hell character portrayal done right is a huge struggle in its own. Yet, examples of remarkable characters are abound.

With all that being said, I want to introduce to you today’s character. And I’m really happy to be able to write a bit about her because she is, to me, the best example of a tangent defiance to the status quo while still being very mainstream. Ladies and journalers…

Milla Maxwell!



If you don’t know who she is… well, I’m not surprised to be honest. Tales of Xillia was a moderate hit in the Tales of franchise. And the sequel, who nobody really asked for btw, was subpar at best.

Despite this, the game is really a jewel that needs to be appreciated. The story is engaging and full of twists. The characters are all excellent and unique. The battle system is superb and doesn’t get boring. And the world depicted is magical and tragic in its own way. Truly a no brainer for RPG fans.

Milla is one of the two main characters that you can choose to play with at the beginning of the game. And even though the story path does not really change with your choice, you get very different perspective and routes to the same destination with each of them. Which is awesome because you can play the game twice and have different experiences.

Now, I’m not here to talk about details of the game. I’m here to geek out a bit about one of my favourite females in gaming and storytelling in general. Milla is a strong girl. And I say this without trying to cap out on my words, Milla is STRONG. She not only is a very skilled magician and swordsssssswoman?… – I don’t know why I had the feeling that she must not abide to a male like title. She is so badass she deserves her own. She is also a freaking god. Well, granted she only believes she is the incarnation of the god of spirits Maxwell. But this is what is the most remarkable thing about her. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that title. She will whoop your ass before you can even notice she is coming. And she is not going to stand for no one’s bullshit, noooo buddy. She acts and talks what she believes, and she get things done.

One of the moments that I remember more fondly is a confrontation she has with Gaius the king of Auj Oule about his implication for the creation of a weapon that amplifies spiritual powers. Let me tell you something. Gaius is a very scary dude. He is crazy strong, and there is no doubt about his superiority since the first encounter with him. That being said, Milla, even though she is weakened by the effects of another ridiculous weapon used on her and already conscious that she is in fact not Maxwell incarnation, storms into Gaius castle and puts him in his place. I greatly encourage you to play the game and live that moment yourself.

Her strengs, indépendance, resolve and pure spirit are the most valuable asset in the crew of friends that join and evolve around her during the adventures of this game. It’s redundant at this point to say that she is also the catalyst of this story and the developments. But I think it should be said that if even Maxwell himself could not stand a chance against her, she deserves this place in todays post. Keep in mind that I omitted many amazing moments in the game, and every character in this game deserves a post just the same. But I wanted to keep things short.

Thanks again for reading todays post and see you in the next post.


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