My fantasy girlfriend

Let’s talk about someone cool. Let’s talk a bit about my fantasy girlfriend Samus Aran. Yep, I said it. Internet, the cat is out of the box. I have a crush on Samus Aran from the Metroid series. Got a problem with that?!……… I hope not because I love you too 😀

Being one of my earliest games, Metroid for the NES was certainly an extraordinary experience for my 8 years old mind. I was always amazed by the eerie feel that the game evoked even though its simplicity due to the limitations of the hardware; Do more with less, much more.

Then it came…. Super Metroid for the SNES. OMFG what a game. The graphics, the atmosphere, the music, the enemies, the gameplay. A true orgasmic experience. I was fascinated by the complexity and the love that this game shows it received. You can’t find a defect in it, you truly can’t. And, while I seat in my apartment with only my laptop and a warm cup of chocolate for more that 40 minutes, analysing and dissecting every aspect of the game, searching in many blogs and videos of youtube valid arguments against the game. It’s just unanimous. Super Metroid is a masterpiece. Funny thing though; I didn’t realised that Samus was female up until Super Metroid. I was such a bad gamer.

I always found strange that the game, even though its popularity and status, never gave birth to a genre per se. I mean, we all know shooters for sure, but Metroid is something more. And there is nothing really quite like it.

Anyway. Let’s talk about my girl, Samus. So she’s an ex-soldier turn into Bounty Hunter. But not just any Bounty Hunter… a Space Bounty Hunter. She has a kick ass suite that can allow her to survive in extremely treacherous environments and kick ass with it. Yeh, she kick’s ass twice. But that’s not what is awesome about her. I mean, anybody could be threatening with such a suit. But she doesn’t need it to whoop your ass in 3.46 seconds, give or take 1 second depending on her mood. She is a tall gal at 6 foot 3 inches and her skills in martial arts and weapons make her a force to be reckoned even within the extremely dangerous creatures she deals with every day.


There has been many heated debates about why nintendo chose to make Samus a women. And even people who, even though they can’t make her male, want to make her represent a more masculine figure justifying her behaviour by implying she is transgender. I cannot waste my breath and time explaining to you why this moronic ideas are bs, and I think you don’t really need to bother.

If there is anything I could complain it would be the sheer sexualization she has received lately. Don’t get me wrong, she has always been an extremely attractive woman. But the latest instances of the saga have felt like a demotion to her image; to what she represents. She is a strong, independent and influential women that does not need sex-appeal to attract you. She is awesome by her own merits and she is beautiful being a tall and fairly endowed women. Keep your supersize breast and your submissive demeanor for other game Japan. We don’t need them.

Again. If you haven’t played this game, go ahead and do so. You won’t regret it. There is many that I didn’t mention about her in here so I encourage you to follow your desire to know and learn about her.

Tomorrow I will post about Zelda and the next day about Aqua. Then I will make the next 6 posts about remarkable girls in anime.

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post.


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