All hail Queen Zelda!

The Legend of Zelda… I don’t know you but to me, just hearing this title makes me feel such fascination and awe; Every time, after almost 30 years, it still gets me this sensation of adventure and fantasy. I mean, you can’t go wrong with such a title. Just this simple element can take your mind to a trip of wonder and expectation. A legend, about a women called Zelda. Just analyse it for a minute. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Now, to be fair. There are some instances where titles were not a good description of the content. Granted, this is a tool that is misused constantly. But you have to give respect were respect is due.

I cannot imagine a single human being who has not heard about Zelda and/or Link and the glorious collection of adventures they share in many different iterations and platforms – The Sega CD are aberrations that are not cannon, so don’t mention them in the comments btw. Having said that however, there are people who still today confuse Zelda with Link. And to those I say…


Harsh words, but I’m doing a service to humanity.

Establishing a genre and constantly being at the front of it is not an easy task. Yet, these games keep delivering and delivering experiences that are so different from one another that it still feel fresh and so similar that you don’t feel lost playing another game. I would give you that not all games are stelar entries, but I would argue that they still deliver a great experience. When you get used to be amazed then you don’t really feel amazed right?

There is something tho, that I would love to see in this franchise as a bold move. And I kind of will get it soon, if my prediction is right. I want a female Link and maybe a male Zelda, or both female! Think how awesome and different that would feel. Maybe there will be people that will feel alienated or even offended by this. But Nintendo has always known how to make these bold changes work. I know they can do it. Hopefully, the latest addition to the Hirule Warriors game.

Anyway. We are here to talk about my girl Zelda.

I know what you’re thinking… “But dude, she’s always a damsel in distress. She is not such a strong and remarkable character. She is always seeking for danger. If anything she’s a plot device…” Do you want me to slap you again…? Being in a treacherous situation multiple times does not mean that you are seeking for it. This just talk of her determination to face adversity for the good of her kingdom and friends. You wouldn’t call a king who protects his kingdom and has to go to war to do so a danger junkie. She is not a plot device, at all. She is the main force that drives both Ganon ambitions and Link drive. She is not a damsel in distress, far from that; She is a warrior in her own right. She is both a main actor and a driven force in her own story. She has gone through many incarnations with different portrayals of mostly the same character. A princess of either a thriving kingdom or one that has been lost. And in every iteration she feels authentic.

To me, my favourite iteration would be Skyward Sword. Mainly because she felt more close to Link, and by extension to you. She is not a stablished princess you meet at some point in your adventure, or some pirate you befriend to save your sister. She is your best friend, and the closest you have to a love interest. In this iteration she also struggled just as much as Link did, trying to fulfil a role bestowed upon her, which many times does feel like a burden. But I have to say. I wanted to save her from the first moment. She is just amazing.


Now, all hail Queen Zelda!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.



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