Unbearable sacrifice

I might sound like a pervert and a cheat right now… but man I have the hots for Aqua. She is mesmerisingly attractive. I admit it. That being said, I have such a profound respect for her as a person. Let me elaborate.

Being a Kingdom Hearts fan since the release of the first game has brought countless moments of joy and fascination to my life. I remember the pleasant surprise I felt when I loaded the game into my cousins PS2 and discovered the breathtaking atmosphere of joy and innocent adventure that it creates. It’s definitely a Disney staple to this day to achieve such marvellous feeling in the spectators in every movie they make; At least up until recently.

Before knowing much about the game, to me, the mashup of SquareEnix and Disney was such a random and unthinkable aberration that I stayed at bay. But in me, there was this urge to know, what could these two do together? what could result of this clash of titans? It could only be epically terrible or fantastically unique. Then it hit me. – Wait!… These two actually make a lot of sense together. – And the rest is history.

Now, moving forward 6 years and a few great sequels, we get Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the struggling PSP. I was already keeping my expectations to the roof for this one. It seemed like a departure from where we where left of, but it felt soooooo goooood. That trailer that we got at TGS where we see Vanitas and Xehanort face for the first time. That battle. That music, OMG I was so pumped! I felt like punching the 5 inches screen of the PSP to the stars. And it delivers, oh it delivers.

Aqua is one of the three main characters that you get to play as in the game, together with Ventus and Terra, and she is by far the coolest. They are apprentices of the arts of the Keyblade from master Eraqu’s and Xehanort. They all share a somewhat similar desire to become a Keyblade master and protect what is precious to them. To Aqua, that is her friends. And we get to feel and experience her struggle through her campaign. I just couldn’t help but fall in love with her character.


And that booty yo.

I was so fascinated with her passion and transparency; Just like her name. She shows a fortitude that is so scarce in people. Being so detached and selfless in her actions inspires you. You feel like you want to see her story through. I just love her fighting style and her special moves are mesmerising. She is really fun to play as.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers if you haven’t played the game, but I just want to remark the length Aqua goes for her friends is admirable. Might help you understand the title of the post.

If you haven’t played any Kingdom Hearts game, or if you are one of the haters who denigrate the game as a mere commercial stunt, well, I’m sorry that you feel that way. Even tho I do have complains about the game, I believe it to be a beautiful rendition to what makes Disney magical and SquareEnix awesome.

From tomorrow on I will start with my 6 remarkable girls in anime. Look forward to that.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.


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