War, War never changes… sorry guys, I just wanted to say that line.

Ok. I have a problem today guys. To be honest, I have an internal war in me now. I was so clear and set of who I would write about today and what I would write. But then I realised that It might not be the right person. And the reason for this is because I want to talk about complete characters. I don’t want to talk about a girl who’s  achievements are so great because she is just so strong and brave and then realise that she feels more like a re-skined character from a game because she hardly ever acts like a woman.

Completeness talks about having something without loosing part of her identity. Without feeling incomplete. And that is why today our first stelar gal in Anime is one that I actually feel that didn’t really got enough emphasis and screen time, Lutenant Riza Hawkeye from FullMetal Alchemist and not my actual favourite character on the whole series Mayor General Olivier Mira Armstrong.

I have to admit, eliminating my obvious selection of Olivier, this was an easy call really. I mean, I think it is pretty much an unanimous understanding among the community how much awesome she is. Being such a successful woman with so many achievements and a top woman in an area vastly dominated by men, its a remarkable feast.


Always being a stronghold of support for Colonel Roy Mustang and her friends, she goes to great length to help Mustang achieve his goals. She gives a seemingly strong and stoic impression at first, and this is not a surprise really. Being in an environment so heavily surrounded by powerful man and going through the horrors of war, she holds up quite well. Eventually you discover a wounded woman, with scars and a tough past full of loss, vulnerable and quite warm. A comrade at heart and a committed follower that will work hard to achieve her goals. I was really surprised of her characterisation. She holds up so well in the events that happen in the series, and oh boy they are tough. I mean, sure there is humour here and there, but FMA is full of thorns.

I have a lot of respect for FullMetal Alchemist. I admit that it is one of my top 10 series of all time. Its that brilliant. But for me, the characters that took it the extra mile where Ed, Al and Olivier. Oh god how much would I like to blab about them all day… maybe another day. I have to go watch Star Wars! YUSSSS!

Thanks for reading todays post, see you in the next post.

PS: Movie tickets in Tokyo… Outrageous.


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