No introductions needed

Fact; Ghost in the Shell is a global phenomenon.

Fact; hackers are awesome.

Fact; Motoko Kusanagi is an outstanding force in the anime world and the futuristic Steampunk genre.

This is one that I think does not need an introduction. Ghost in the Shell is by far one of the most influential works of art in the anime scene, manga and just storytelling as a whole. You can just look online the number of creations that it inspired and stand at awe. This does not come as surprise. The sheer complexity and intricacies of every iteration of the series is a testament of the work that was put on it. Many consider it an intellectual marvel that sees beyond the fog of the unknown future and portraits issues and dilemmas that we couldn’t even fathom without its settings.

Now, it is important to remark that there has been countless works that have created similar worlds and characters which are excellent by themselves many years before it. But, to this day, none managed to create such a phenomenon as GiTS did. It could be argued that the time was not right, or that the culture was not ready; and that’s a perfectly valid point. Yet, credit where its due.

Mayor Motoko Kusanagi is a human cyborg who possess a completely cybernetic body. Much of her past is still shrouded in mystery but the most accepted story tell that she was a cyborg since little and have always been an skilled hacker due to her recurrence to inhabit the net to escape the reality.


Even though she seems like a young woman in the series, it is said that she is mentally much older. Having a long history in the military forces, she became a strong willed woman with unmatched martial arts skills only enhanced by her prosthetic body. A leader by nature and a brilliant tactician; she became the leader of a group of criminals and ex militants turned soldiers that investigate and prosecute cases of high level  cybercrime – just how freaking awesome that sounds.

Dealing with powerful and extremely cleaver enemies that lurk in the shadows of the net every day it’s an amazing feast; doing so with a group of highly skilled soldiers specialised in very different areas of war and crime who respect her as a superior it’s just nothing but extraordinary.


Fact; Motoko Kusanagi is awesome.

Thanks for reading todays post and see you in the next post.



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