The scarlet rose

All I need is the strength to protect my comrades, if I have that strength then I don’t care about being the strongest one.

From all the girls in the list so far, this one that I have a deep respect for. There is little that I can say about Erza Scarlet that she cannot express with her powerful actions and heart. I am a fan of Erza and even if some consider her a Mary Sue I will argue that leveraging all her struggles in life and loss she is still short on what she should be able to do.

To me, Fairy Tail is one of the most thrilling Shōnen out there. I cannot recall the countless times that those pages brought me to tears of joy, sadness and just a sheer emotional burst of fulfilment; few series have consistently achieved this. Very likeable characters joined as a family who feel very sincere and sometimes a little over the board – I’m looking at you Natsu. They are not perfect, and probably a little wako but watching them interact is just pure joy.

If there is something I would have a problem though is the villains. Shōnen stories tend to follow the formula of “one up the previous baddie by a notch” every saga, and definitely Fairy Tail is not the exception, but I do like the execution. It’s just that the “I’m bad because I want to do bad things” trope never works with me.

Leaving that aside. Ezra is one of the most OP characters in my list, and the whole series. She is not perfect, that’s more that clear, but she is consistently overcoming herself and going to extreme lengths to defeat the menace in turn and protect her guild of friends. Her speciality is what she calls Armor Magic, which allows her to change outfit and armor to change her skill set and weapons adjusting to any battle. She has proven countless time that limits where made for her to destroy while decimating the competition.


Errrr, I mean… I’m not looking at them or anything, I swear!

Now, what I love the most about her is her straightforwardness (she has no shame whatsoever) and (almost always) sincere heart… cough cough Jellal cough. She is a strong woman with a seemingly strong personality, but inside her armor lies a lady who struggled and suffered at length. And I’m not saying this lightly. Her backstory is extremely heart-wrenching to say the least.


Sometimes we forget that she is a human being with a heart because she is just so strong and bright. But its in those moments, where she can’t hold any more pain and break down where I remember, and I just want to hold her close. I relate a lot to her, because to me, helplessness is the most distressing and haunting emotion in existence. Everyone should have the strength to protect their loved ones, everyone.

Eventually she found solace with her friends in her guild and grew up to be an unmatched warrior and a warm and beautiful person. I highly encourage you to research if you don’t know about her.

If you ever wanted to have a role model of strength, beauty, excellence and fortitude. Look no further.



Thanks Erza, for being so awesome.

Thanks for reading today’s post. See you in the next post.



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