The cost that outweighed the benefit

One can only imagine the implications that a Dystopia-like world would bring to humanity. And that’s what makes it so scary really; the uncertainty of the consequences in the human psyche and behaviour. Many have tried to draw a picture of the society in such scenario. Book and books of science fiction that express a rather eerie vision of the world. To me they all end up always portraying a bleak and pessimistic view of humanity as an advanced society that I think it doesn’t deserve. Humans deserve more credit that what they get.

Having said that. I would like to introduce you to one of the rather most ambiguously neutral vision of a Dystopia, Psycho Pass. Psycho Pass is an anime that portrays a future where the government and administration of Japan has been handed to an omnipresent computer program that continuously scans and discriminates people trough their “latent criminal potential” or what they call their Psycho Pass and many other parameters. This system serves as judge and jury, becoming a supreme authority that has shaped society into a cattle. People have been subdued to this authority so long that the concept of misbehaviour or violence is not registered in their minds; so far as to react adversely when witnessing such act. And to those who manage to defy the system will be hunted by the Public Safety Bureau with their Enforcers who are also latent criminals under the service of the government and their ridiculous transformer-like guns with WIFI.

All this might not sound so bad. But there is something inherently wrong about a system that defines your future and your potential. Many times I found myself doubting whether the actions of the villains in every episode where deliberate or consequential. One could argue that the main shadow in the series was making them go beyond the edge, but I think that he merely accelerated the process.


Enter Tsunemori Akane. The freshman… or freshwoman? of the Public Safety Bureau. She is very enthusiastic and extremely capable. Showing very good aptitudes and mastery of her emotions during every case. I always loved the chemistry between her and or other MC Kogami Shinya. They understand each other in a very particular way. It was always amusing just seeing them interact and deal with the crazy people that showed up every week.

At the beginning. Akane is not the sharpest detective in town; and even less compared with the astounding skills of Shinya. But she grows, she grows so fast and well. It is really a great progression. Even after all the atrocities that she witnesses (yes, this show goes to places) she keeps her cool and manages to find the most optimal solution to many situations. The most notable trait in her to me definitely would be her humanity. She is strong, but not strong in the same sense of the previous characters in the list. She is stable, extremely stable and focused.


We only get to see the best of her in the second season of the series. Where she is already a senior and she stands in a rather complicated position in her job. She is aware of the reality of the system and know what she is facing. She knows the evilness that seats next to her desk but she chooses to let it exist, because to her, the benefit of the system outweighs the downfalls. And she is direct about it too. She faces the director with determination and firmness. It is just amazing to witness her evolution. She is not a love interest or a mere eye magnet. She is a full fledged and astounding person.

I strongly sugest you to watch the whole series and come with your own conclusion. It’s trilling, it’s scary, it’s overwhelming, it’s fulfilling. Watch it and decide. Is the price to high?

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.


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