The warm light in the rain

There was a time, long ago, when my life felt empty and gray. The days felt like a hurdle to overcome, and time was nonexistent. Then I met Nike, and the horizon exploded in a million colours showering the sky and giving back the long lost.

No, I’m not being sponsored by a shoe company. I’m not talking about a shoe brand. Maybe I’m going a little far with my precarious attempt at poetry, but the fact stands that The World is still Beautiful‘s Nike is a ray of warm light in a bleak world. Even though Nike technically has the power to bring rain, you get the idea.

If you haven’t watched or read about the series. Damm you’re missing out on one great story. Many have mixed feelings with it because of the age difference in the main characters and their romance, but I would argue that in the real times of the kingdoms and princesses, this was perfectly normal. I really applaud the author for the risky take on the common romance trope of an arranged marriage between two heirs of different kingdom. Normally this could have ended up being a mediocre story, but boy does it deliver constant entertainment. And the amazing characters that this one contain. It’s just a joy to see.

The story focuses on Nike Lemercier, the youngest sibling of the princesses in the Rain Dukedom and her adventures and struggles after being chosen by the king of the Sun Kingdom, Livius as her wife and sent to his kingdom. She can strike you as a rather immature and inpatient, but in truth she is a free spirit with an enormous heart and great love for her friends.


The reason I want to include Nike in the list is because she brings a kind of strength that most of the other girls lack. And it might probably be because her story is about romance just as much as it is an interesting take on family, friendship and politics and diplomacy in the age of kingdoms. Nike has a strong bond, both with her family and with her fiancé. Many times that’s the source of other strengths, passions and drives. Don’t get me wrong, her other traits stand by their own, but her strong bonds are what set her apart.



Most of the time, you will find yourself giggling to Nike and Livi’s interactions and the casual yet close relationship that blooms between them. Which in turn evolves into a very special and warm love. Other times you will be intrigued by the new wall that just presented in between them, and how they react. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

The plot is never really deep, but the situations they are thrown at make for good interactions. And in truth, you will see this show to know how the relationship evolves; just to see what crazy thing Nike or Livi will do next to save each other.

Thanks for reading todays post and tomorrow is the last one of the series, finally! See you in the next post.


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