Controversial ending

Merry pre-Christmas!

And yeah… For the last day I’m talking about Korra. It’s not an anime and the controversy latched to the events of the final season has both given a lot to talk about to the medium and also silenced many avid followers. But so what? this is my blog and nobody reads this really so, in the famous words of the legendary Han Solo, “Let’s kick it Chewie!”

Continuing on the series of remarkable girls in anime, Korra is an interesting take to tackle. Not only she represents the strong and firm features we are looking for, she is also a very well round up and developed character. During the four seasons that the series aired, we had the opportunity to see many different facets of her personality. She had no shortage of extremely menacing and cleaver enemies that pushed her to the farthest limits of survival and reason. It was quite a treat to see their interactions, and even if the plot sometimes took strange directions, the gold was on the interactions.

To be honest, my first pick for this position was actually Katara. Then I felt that Korra represented this traits a little more. And that might be because Katara didn’t have enough time to develop as a character, but let’s be real. They are al awesome. The amount of great candidates is staggering. I mean, Toph, Zuki, Asami, heck even KuviraThe last Airbender and The legend of Korra are both amazing series packed with extremely fun and developed characters that are very well developed and fledged. The art is amazing and the action is nothing less that expectacular; and the villains! oh man the villains are great! Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira are on my top 10 best villains and characters all around. So good storytelling.


Ok, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. I will always admire the boldness and backbone that Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for sticking to their ending. Even if you don’t feel ok with the ending you have to admire their resolve to finish their story with a gay relationship; in a kid’s show of all places. Now personally, I loved the ending, and my reasoning is that it felt natural and was build from the beginning. The progression of the relationship didn’t come from a literal corner, it came from a carefully planed plot and from a character that evolved and developed emotions that feel real. A character that suffered, and went through a lot of struggles and hurdles. I admire how well she managed all the situations. It is a shame that we still get edgy about this kind of things in the era where we can send a rocket to space, land it vertically and reuse it. But just like black peoples rights in the 60’s, we will see it normally in a few decades.


If you haven’t seen the series, go give it a try. And if you have and stopped because of prejudice or anger, I strongly suggest you to finish it and see it with an open mind. If anything, just enjoy the great characters, the comedy and the amazing action and animation. It is superb.

Thanks for reading my silly post for these 2 weeks or so. I really appreciate it. You are the best.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. There are tons of remarkable girls in anime and games that I didn’t mention because I didn’t actually watched the anime or played the game. but I suggest you to look and find some great series out there.

My next post will probably not take long. I got a few more ideas to write about in the past few weeks, so I hope you look forward to them. Merry Christmas again! See you in the next post.


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