Sometimes we are witnessing something beautiful or amazing and our minds drift away focusing on our problems. What about the bills, why hasn’t she called me yet? Why didn’t I get this job… STOP! We need to stop focusing on the problems of the day and see the world around us! The beauty that we might not see again. The fleeting problems of our live are meaningless when we realize the scale and beauty of the world and what it can offer us.

Life is precious and really short. Stop, and just see everything around you. Feel it, and be thankful that you are experiencing life. Forget about others, ignore the noise. Things are more precious that we give them credit for.

See you in the next post.


Controversial ending

Merry pre-Christmas!

And yeah… For the last day I’m talking about Korra. It’s not an anime and the controversy latched to the events of the final season has both given a lot to talk about to the medium and also silenced many avid followers. But so what? this is my blog and nobody reads this really so, in the famous words of the legendary Han Solo, “Let’s kick it Chewie!”

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The warm light in the rain

There was a time, long ago, when my life felt empty and gray. The days felt like a hurdle to overcome, and time was nonexistent. Then I met Nike, and the horizon exploded in a million colours showering the sky and giving back the long lost.

No, I’m not being sponsored by a shoe company. I’m not talking about a shoe brand. Maybe I’m going a little far with my precarious attempt at poetry, but the fact stands that The World is still Beautiful‘s Nike is a ray of warm light in a bleak world. Even though Nike technically has the power to bring rain, you get the idea.

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The cost that outweighed the benefit

One can only imagine the implications that a Dystopia-like world would bring to humanity. And that’s what makes it so scary really; the uncertainty of the consequences in the human psyche and behaviour. Many have tried to draw a picture of the society in such scenario. Book and books of science fiction that express a rather eerie vision of the world. To me they all end up always portraying a bleak and pessimistic view of humanity as an advanced society that I think it doesn’t deserve. Humans deserve more credit that what they get.

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The scarlet rose

All I need is the strength to protect my comrades, if I have that strength then I don’t care about being the strongest one.

From all the girls in the list so far, this one that I have a deep respect for. There is little that I can say about Erza Scarlet that she cannot express with her powerful actions and heart. I am a fan of Erza and even if some consider her a Mary Sue I will argue that leveraging all her struggles in life and loss she is still short on what she should be able to do.

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