Sometimes we are witnessing something beautiful or amazing and our minds drift away focusing on our problems. What about the bills, why hasn’t she called me yet? Why didn’t I get this job… STOP! We need to stop focusing on the problems of the day and see the world around us! The beauty that we might not see again. The fleeting problems of our live are meaningless when we realize the scale and beauty of the world and what it can offer us.

Life is precious and really short. Stop, and just see everything around you. Feel it, and be thankful that you are experiencing life. Forget about others, ignore the noise. Things are more precious that we give them credit for.

See you in the next post.


To show you my love… [Ore Monogatari E:8]

Demonstrations of affection are a dying practice in today’s relationships. Friendship or love, none seem to retain that dated aspect of love; carefully planing something special for someone special -when will we learn…

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I don’t want to, I really don’t want to… [Plastic Memories E:5,6,7]

So, lately I’ve been having problems liking Plastic Memories, and I really want to like it. The premise is good and somewhat fresh, the stories are not bad, and most of the cast is ok in my opinion, but the biggest hinder to the show’s own success is the directing.

To put it bluntly, the show is not living to it’s own premise. Here I was, two month ago, very excited about this show that was supposed to show us the social and psychological consequences of creating artificial life companions with, what I supposed at the time, “permanent” memories -because that’s the main quality of plastic, and it’s on the freaking title. Yet I was deceived.

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