No introductions needed

Fact; Ghost in the Shell is a global phenomenon.

Fact; hackers are awesome.

Fact; Motoko Kusanagi is an outstanding force in the anime world and the futuristic Steampunk genre.

This is one that I think does not need an introduction. Ghost in the Shell is by far one of the most influential works of art in the anime scene, manga and just storytelling as a whole. You can just look online the number of creations that it inspired and stand at awe. This does not come as surprise. The sheer complexity and intricacies of every iteration of the series is a testament of the work that was put on it. Many consider it an intellectual marvel that sees beyond the fog of the unknown future and portraits issues and dilemmas that we couldn’t even fathom without its settings.

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War, War never changes… sorry guys, I just wanted to say that line.

Ok. I have a problem today guys. To be honest, I have an internal war in me now. I was so clear and set of who I would write about today and what I would write. But then I realised that It might not be the right person. And the reason for this is because I want to talk about complete characters. I don’t want to talk about a girl who’s  achievements are so great because she is just so strong and brave and then realise that she feels more like a re-skined character from a game because she hardly ever acts like a woman.

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All hail Queen Zelda!

The Legend of Zelda… I don’t know you but to me, just hearing this title makes me feel such fascination and awe; Every time, after almost 30 years, it still gets me this sensation of adventure and fantasy. I mean, you can’t go wrong with such a title. Just this simple element can take your mind to a trip of wonder and expectation. A legend, about a women called Zelda. Just analyse it for a minute. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Now, to be fair. There are some instances where titles were not a good description of the content. Granted, this is a tool that is misused constantly. But you have to give respect were respect is due.

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My fantasy girlfriend

Let’s talk about someone cool. Let’s talk a bit about my fantasy girlfriend Samus Aran. Yep, I said it. Internet, the cat is out of the box. I have a crush on Samus Aran from the Metroid series. Got a problem with that?!……… I hope not because I love you too 😀

Being one of my earliest games, Metroid for the NES was certainly an extraordinary experience for my 8 years old mind. I was always amazed by the eerie feel that the game evoked even though its simplicity due to the limitations of the hardware; Do more with less, much more.

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